Zoho meeting - now a public meeting

Some while ago, I was invited to participate in the private beta of Zoho Meeting and blogged at the time, how great I thought it was (free web conferencing that was easy to use)

Well, it's finally being made open to everyone to use from today.

This video demo: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXPrIwGPHsY> by Zoho's Raju Vegesna provides a brief overview of the app.

Only the organiser needs to install any software to operate a web conference; everyone else uses the browser to view the "show". All the organiser has to do is send an email invite which contains a web link personal to the invitee.

I've used it a number of times and have yet to hit any problems with corporate firewalls preventing viewing.

I'd used Vyew (http://www.vyew.com) previously for web conferencing but, so far, I've found Zoho easier/faster to use for impromptu sessions..

Working alongside apps such as skype (audio) or traditional phone conferencing, or userplane & heycosmo (video conferencing), it makes virtual meetings really easy. And FREE.

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At 9:24 PM, Blogger SRK said...

Hi John,

Many thanks for covering Zoho Meeting.

We are working on integrating with Skype. We will also provide audio conferencing soon..



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