We're a hit. No wait, we're not.

When writing about Facebook the other day and the possibility of crowds moving off a social network, I suggested such migrations were increasingly possible outcomes.

Michael Zang at Folksonomy has posted about Xanga.com highlighted the apparent falloff in their traffic.

Of course, they haven't lost the members. It just seems that they aren't coming back as regularly. You can also see on the graph that there were some reversals in the decline in Q106
but these weren't sustained. Can these users be attracted back?


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At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Paul Lomax said...

They've probably all f**ked off to join Facebook!

There was some survey a while back which reckoned that the average person only goes to six websites regularly.

It probably holds some truth. Apart from following links and reading RSS, I only go to about six sites regularly.

So social networks are competing for people's time - it's a pain trying to be on so many.

Maybe people will start using aggregators like 8hands or fidgt

At 10:50 AM, Blogger John Wilson said...

Paul, you are absolutely right about one's actual capacity to exist on multiple sites. I'm like you in that I only use a few sites daily - google reader, meebo, finetune, zoho, timetomeet and airset. After that my site use is much more intermittent, either because of irregular need or site boredom or lack of time.


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