Live video conferencing service that's free

Heycosmo is a new service that launched yesterday that supports up to ten live, web-cam participants and another fifty people can enjoy from a more passive manner, listening, watching or chatting during the broadcast session.

It offers a much broader set of facilities to users, enabling them to broadcast content in a multimedia platform that can display videos, photos, games and even has a blogging facility. However, I suspect the most popular facility will be the "Texas Hold'em card game tables" where you can play poker live with your chums remotely, or indeed with anyone online.

But I reckon that you could easily use this to hold video conferences, or even seminars with a panel and an audience. I've not yet had chance to try out the conferencing in anger, but looking round the site, it seems possible. If I get it working, I will report back.

Sadly it doesn't work in Firefox (only IE)


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At 1:54 AM, Anonymous blackberry said...

Yeah - it works... like you said Texas hold'em at HeyCosmo rocks! Get your webcams on and let's party.


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