Barbarians got past the gate (and onto the wicket)

Churches are normally considered sacred, not to be entered/violated/harmed by invading hordes.

So the news that ESPN has bought Cricinfo is sad indeed. It perhaps does explain why Andrew Hall, the Product Manager at Cricinfo, kept cancelling our after-work drinks in the last few weeks. Sure, ESPN will be able to make considerable investment in the brand to further develop this veteran of the online world, which launched in 1993, and which has a huge global following (7 million unique visitors per month and is ranked in the top 300 sites online according to Alexa). But, you have to worry that soon the commentaries from Cricinfo may get editorial interference from across the Atlantic, looking to spice up a game the Barbarians have never understood

So Gabby, we're at top of the 4th innings with WI needing 63 off 90 to level the series with 2 batters left to get to the pitching zone! Monty pitches and it fizzles into the mitt of the defensive guard.

Fellow members will be tutting in the Lords Pavilion. Sacrilege indeed.

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At 1:18 PM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

Aaarrgghh!! You paint a pretty awful picture and I began to wonder what is going to happen with the other beloved game where we have already had the barbarians come in to buy control of football clubs. It can only be a matter of time before rule changes are introduced to meet the demands of ad breaks in important televised games. Oh well, back to darts, marbles and tiddlywinks eh?


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