Google Gears simply won't install

It's frustrating but I just cannot get Google Gears to install. I click the link which downloads the file, accept the T&Cs, open it and everytime I get the message "Install Failed. Error code = 0x80040800" of which there is no trace anywhere in Google help to tell me where I am going wrong.

I am using Firefox

Any ideas?

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At 1:16 PM, Blogger Alistair MacDonald said...

A few people have reported this problem and it is normally because you are using a Proxy, or your ISP or firewall is doing some transparent proxying. Disabling the proxy to do the install apparently works for most.

When you have it installed Gears be prepare to be initially underwhelmed. Google Reader is the only real application using Gears today. That being said, it is less than a week old and I believe it is an exciting development that may well trigger more development in JavaScript using this cross browser and cross platform framework.

Personally I can not wait for Gmail to be ported and will be playing with it myself.

At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe there's a problem with installation behind proxies/firewalls... doesn't work for me either.

At 8:27 PM, Blogger John Wilson said...

Thanks to you both for the suggestions. I turned off Zone Alarm and it made no difference. However, I then turned off Norton Internet Security and VOILA, it installed successfully.


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