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Associated Press have a report about on Akamai Technologies Inc. who have opened up an incredible window into the web. Based on the huge chunk of traffic they see, which they claim is 15-20% on any given day, it provides a "Traffic" report via a visualisation that highlights "jams"/bottlenecks, attacks and spikes in activity.

It's a really well designed site and with visually impressive reporting tools. Must have cost a few dollars.

This link takes you to see real-time traffic analytics, reporting on geographic areas with the most Web traffic (traffic density).

This one shows a network performance comparison.

They even have one that monitor music streaming on the web here

So, if you are finding the net a bit slow, tune in for your traffic report. Not sure it will help you avoid the jams but you may derive some odd pleasure from knowing had bad things are (or that someone else is worse off than you) just like when you are listen to the car radio in a 5 mile queue on the M4 coming into London.

Thanks to Smartmobs for spotting it.

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