Pirates of the High "Cs", stealing notes

Chris Anderson recently blogged about Music Week's report that

MW’s detailed study of quarter one trading patterns (Q107) indicates that, while sales of the Top 200 sellers plummeted year-on-year by more than 20%, the rest of the market dropped by little more than 3%. It indicates that, as the top titles suffer the biggest falls in a clearly tough market, sales are being spread out more widely across a greater number of titles.

Is it that people aren't interested in music any longer? No. Sadly, leaving aside that there are increasing numbers of outlets to consume, piracy is likely to be the chief culprit.

Popular albums are most likely to be the easiest to find on file sharing networks allowing people to get the tunes they want - this is exactly what the music industry is fighting to contain.

In contrast, folks may be forced to actually go out and buy less popular titles!

Am I contradicting my past posts about the industry being forced to change? No. If you don't like the price, then don't buy the goods and force the industry to reconsider its' pricing policy. But resenting the price is not an excuse to steal the goods, be they Middle or (High) C on the piano or a base line of notes.


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