Mashup Location 2.0

I've just left tonight's Mashup event which was focussed upon mapping & location.

This was the 7th such event since inception a year ago and already over 900 individuals have been to an event. Interestingly, different crowds are showing up based on the event topic, hence the number of uniques.

Organised by Simon Grice and Tony Fish, it was a great event. About 120 people were in the audience who participated in a lively discussion, alongside a panel session and a presentation slot from Tele Atlas (company which provides the map data to most of the major players including Google and which is Belgian based, with a Dutch holding company).

The panel. Included representatives from Google, ononemap, Tele Atlas, MyNeighbourhoods amongst others.

The Google Maps api was cited by many as the biggest catalyst to the revolution underway in the delivery of map related services, with mass deployment of GPS enabled phones likely to prompt the next wave of innovation.

The discussion on privacy covered well trodden ground, with most of the audience recognising the benefits that could flow from broadcasting your location. Comments made acknowledged the issues of trust & the need for opt out/in.

One person from a surveilance company rightly pointed out that our digital footprint was already massive from using oyster cards, bank cards, from CCTV footage & our mobiles, none of which had opt outs.

The next event is going to focus on TV 2.0 and is scheduled for July.

Disclaimer - I've recently been appointed to the new advisory board of Mashup, which is pro bono role. Other members include Saul Klein of Index Ventures, Nic Brisbourne of Esprit, Neil McCarthy of McCartney Media, Mike Dixon of Computer Minds and Philip Sheldrake of Fuse PR.

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At 12:36 AM, Blogger Neil Good said...

Hello John,

A quick one to say well done on passing the 500th post mark - quite surprising how quickly the rack up.

Congrats on your role in Mashup - I am sure the event will benefit!



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