Worlds apart, divided by miles

There are many examples in the world of contrasts that abut each other. Sparkling skyscrapers next to slums in China; rich dwellings in London, next to crime ridden areas.

My immediate contrast is between my usual City haunts, filled with bankers & traders and Soho, several miles across London, populated by media luvvies. I was meeting someone yesterday for a chat in The Soho Hotel. Around me in the bar were conversations about film productions between a couple of actresses I recognised; a discussion at the bar between Alan Pardew (Charlton, ex West Ham Manager) & his agent (presumably); and someone who was evidently in the music business.

Different worlds and languages.

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At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


that's the main reason I love working in London - If I want to change from my city haunts I just take a quick Tube (or Taxi) to Soho/Convent Garden/West End and I'm in a different world.



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