Crimea - hopefully not a second charge of the light brigade

The Guardian has reported about a band, Crimea, which is going to give away downloads of its new album. It views the album as marketing expenditure with the album as a loss leader, and hopes to make money on touring, merchandising and licensing deals.

They clearly must hope that they won't be emulating what most people in the UK think of when mention is made of the Crimea - an ill-fated plan that recalls a charge of the British Light Brigade in the 19th Century Crimean War (historians argue as to whether it was an ill-conceived plan), which resulted in many of the cavalry troop being wiped out by Russian guns (118 dead, 127 wounded out of an initial 673 that charged 50 cannon).


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At 11:28 PM, Blogger Maximems said...

Terrible was a war.


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