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One of the sponsors at yesterday's BBC Backstage party was TrustedPlaces who provide a word of mouth community site where people can remember, share and discover great places.

I'd first met the founders at the Techcrunch UK launch party in the company of Phil Wilkinson of Crowdstorm. We'd chatted about our shared belief that recommendations from people you trust would be the foundation of many successful ventures - both have sites focussed on this concept.

For the avoidance of doubt, great places in TrustedPlaces terms isn't restricted to bars, clubs or restaurants. Tonight's home page has a featured recommendation for a butchers! You can distinguish between all recommendations and those only from "friends" you have on the site.

WeHangHere in contrast seems to be more focussed on helping people find, message and meet the people who "love hanging in your favourite (social) places". Furthermore, the emphasis is definitely on places to meet a potential dates, with every venue showing how many "Guys/Girls" have rated the venue. Likewise the public registration information is focussed on personal details about you, albeit your name remains undisclosed, allowing searches to be conducted for people meeting their chosen criteria.

Being a free service, they've been able to make use of Google maps and have done a great mashup.

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