A Full Minibar

I wandered along to the 2nd Minibar last night, a monthly meetup of web affectionados. Begun as an abbreviated form of Barcamp (hence the name), the place was packed, with over 120 people turning up.

Whilst the free drinks may be an enticement (thanks last night to revver.com), the networking opportunities were mentioned to me by many people as a lure, as well the chance to hear the very short (5 min max) intros to groups/companies doing "stuff".

Last nights slots included buddyping, drop send, quotationsonline.

Unfortunately I had to skip early to a dinner engagement, but this is definitely an event to put on your calendar if web apps are of interest to you either as an investor, entrepreneur or developer.

Worth noting a) at least 20% of the audience were female b) I was the only investor there - no wonder folks get the impression investors aren't interested & hence believe in the "equity gap" to quote from Sam Sethi's piece in techcrunch UK.

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