BBC backstage xmas party

Wow. This event is heaving with the great and the good from the web app world.

400 people were lucky enough to register in time, with 200 on the wait list.

With a City of London venue, getting there was like walking through a ghost town. The City only has a small resident population and at weekends you tend to only find either building maintenance crews, film crews or IT project migration staff (cutovers taking place over weekends generally). This dwindles even further at night, which I recall from my days living in one of the Barbican towers.

Seen lots of familiar faces albeit there are so many people & so little light it will be easy to miss people.

Lots of the attendees also seem to be heading off to Paris for Le Web, which has nearly a 1000 registered worldwide attendees.

Lots of credit has to go to Ian Forrestor who has worked tirelessly to organise this. Earlier this week whilst I was staying up watch the Ashes through the night, he and I were chatting on skype IM, albeit he was laying down music tracks, designing t-shirts/banners etc.

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