Veotag - devil's in the detail

After seeing veotags in action on Guy Kawasaki's blog, I've raved about them to many people I know that publish long video clips online.

Today was the first day that I've had any footage to publish & it was family related. I used to upload the video (video was 24 mins long).

The tagging process was easy. And the crossnetworking publish to the family was also simple (blogger didn't like the native javascript).

However, if you host your video on other than the paying version of veotag, which is permitted, then the smallprint you need to read is that veotags are only useful if your host streams the video.

Google video is an example of one service that does stream.

If, like, your host delivers the video down from start to finish, then the tags are rendered pointless because the whole video has to have downloaded before you can skip back & forth between tags.

So the hunt is on for an alternate video host of long video (the only time tagging really adds value).

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