Those folks at Numly are busy

Some teams/ventures manage to produce one good idea and focus solely on that. Some argue that this is the right thing to do because lack of focus is the undoing of many companies.

However, if you can both innovate and execute on a repeatable basis, then why be constrained by a convention.

That's why I admire ventures like Zoho, 37 Signals and Numly. You might be surprised that I would include the latter of these in such esteemed company (you may even ask "who?"), but these folks have churned out six simple ideas very quickly. Whilst I am mildly indifferent to several of them (no "Wow" factor), sometimes you may as well let the customers decide if an idea is any good rather than prevaricating over it for too long.

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At 1:59 PM, Blogger Chris Matthieu said...


I am honored to see Numly in the same sentence as 37Signals and Zoho. Your post is too kind.

Chris Matthieu, founder
Numly, inc.

Sites: Numly, Docly, Tagly, Raply, Tably, Vouchor, and last but not least Chug'd


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