Braincast - the modern day dictaphone

Braincast is an interesting idea - a free message and memo service that allows you to record audio reminders for yourself on the go, and which makes them available online to listen to at a later time.

You ring a specified number to leave your message which is automatically added to your account. Notes can be added to messages that you record and your audio messages can also be forwarded onto others via email as a .wav file. Additionally you can even get Braincast to automatically call you at a date/time and number you nominate to play an audio recording.

Sadly this service is only available in the US.

Given the ubiquitous nature of mobile phones, this is a great way of recording your ideas/inspiration or even todo's as they arise (mobile signal permitting) for later processing. Certainly beats the heck out of carrying a dictaphone (which I don't) or restricting yourself to a phone with an inbuilt memory that allows you to record audio (not a feature on the blackberry).

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