Signalling your intentions in secret

JP Rangaswami, on his blog confusedofcalcutta, posts on Orkut Crush.

Orkut Crush allows person A to register a “crush” on person B, and vice versa; the registered information is only provided to the matched pair when both sides signal.

So at a level of abstraction it allows a signalling of intention, done in secret, with the intention only revealed to the other party when matching conditions are met.

There are many things that need matching. There are many ways of indicating interest or signalling intention.

This approach has already been applied in financial markets with Liquidnet which is the buyside crossing network. Liquidnet is a technology solution that as a system/orchestrator "peers" into each buyside blotter to identify the possibility for a cross to take place between a buyside buyer and buyside seller in a stock.

The concept could equally be used at business networking events. It wouldn't stop people introducing themselves, but it would quickly allow you to identify those whom who might meet first given the mutual interest - hey, I just invented a business idea.

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