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I had recently raved about on the back of a video about it I had watched online and had signed up to join the beta. Some companies let anyone in there and then, whilst others create an air of exclusivity before letting everyone in. Oddly, still heard nothing.

Anyway, Jonas, of myuninstalledlife, kindly left a comment alerting me to why I'd not gotten access and directed me to his blogpost on the matter.

In response to this, I posted the following comment on his blog

Jonas, thanks for stopping by my blog to dampen my enthusiasm for iscrybe ;-).

The odd thing for me with Faizan's (iscrybe's) approach is this:- in creating a great video of what appears to be a great app which always had the potential to go & spread, he has already generated tons of interest in the application. Now, it may be the case that this interest will linger long enough for when people are actually given access to try it i.e. the teaser.

Alternatively, people may simply forget about it & move onto the next "new" thing and thus all of the wave of interest created is simply wasted. Now, faddy users who try it once & don't return aren't ultimately valuable (unless of course they are influencers who tell everyone else about it, even though they themselves don't have a use for it). But getting people "in the door" to try your site/service/app it is usually hard enough. Fab as it may be (which will be evidenced when tried perhaps?), having your door shut may just lose Faizal some valuable users.

What do you think?

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At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Jonas said...

Hi, it's Jonas from My Uninstalled Life again. Just want to say thanks for gthe link to my page! :)


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