BBC Backstage Widgets - update

Sorry, I got the winner of the BBC Backstage Widget competition wrong. Anway, Backstage have published the list & here is it below for convenience

We decided to award three runner up places - each winning a brand new iPod Shuffle, the runners up were

The three winners are (winning an Apple iPod- 3rd, a Nokia 770 - 2nd and a Samsung Q1 - 1st)

As we discussed on the night, the winner reminds me of a Skybox for radio. You set your reminders and it navigates to the show at the right time. Brilliant and it even looks great. Would be even better if it would take you to the Listen Again version if you missed the show - I want it all!!!!

My favourite bands disappointed me a little having seen it. But the BBC World News widget is just so cool. This will be great for many people with no idea about geography [most people especially in the US!] as it navigates you on a 3D online globe to where the event is taking place, so you can see if you should be getting worried about trouble breaking out in XXXXX.

I learnt from people on the night about the difficulties of producing widgets on certain platforms, with Apple seemingly being the easiest. Hence some of the above widgets won't necessarily work on all machines/browsers.

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