The web in 3D - a bit of it anyway

3D launched at web 2.0 summit in san francisco and seemingly was the most novel of the 13 firms who presented at launchpad [demo session for startups, albeit some seemed long in the tooth to me to still be termed startups, but then perhaps time is passing quickly!]

Anyway, I'd seen this style of navigating web pages about 6 months ago and was attracted to it, albeit it can be much slower to locate what you are looking for with this visual style than with tags.

Anyway, as per a mail I've just sent to them, my thoughts on it were as follows.

Having scanned the demo, I'm not sure I would want to build my own "village" of web pages - too onerous to create and maintain/add to. However, I would gladly "import" my pages to quickly enable me to peruse them easily. I often tuck websites away in delicious & then forget about them, but the visual clue of seeing the pages along with the tags would remind me what they were/are more than tags (I often forget what tags I've used!). Same could apply to other bookmark services even Favourites stored in the browser.

Further more, you could cluster content into a village on the fly around tags.


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At 10:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your feedback. Just to let you know, you can convert your

In the menu go 'Cities> Villages> Convert favorites'

Also have you visited where you just enter any url to

3B support


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