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As I've posted previously, I'm a fan of writetomyblog, which is an online editor for blog posts with rich in-browser features. Despite recurring problems of its interaction with Blogger, I have persevered with it mainly because their CEO got in touch with me to say what the issues were and that they thought there was light at the tunnel - good personal service & great app with some short term pain.

Anyway, as I never click links on my own blog, I'd not spotted that writetomyblog are prefixing all the links I include in a blogpost with "www.writetomyblog.com\" . It was only when Jay over at Snipperoo pointed it out to me in a comment he left on the BBC Backstage widget competition post that I became aware of this. Now I don't mind them getting publicity & I'm more than happy to promote any company/service I like, even passively, but I just wish they'd made that clear upfront - right now, it just feels a bit sneaky :-(

UPDATE - The guys at Writetomyblog have been in touch in the comments section to correct my idiocy. It seems that they only insert that prefix whenever I (the user) forgot to put http:// into the link i.e. error handling. Chaps, I sincerely apologies & unreservedly withdraw the accusation. Indeed, I happily revert to my original stance of you having great service coz a) you took the time to reply b) you thought ahead about ways folks might make errors and thereby put measures in place to mitigate. BRILLIANT.

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At 2:14 AM, Blogger ContentSpring said...

WriteToMyBlog does not insert or link to itself in anyway! I think the reason you found a link to writetomyblog.com in you post was when you were creating your post and inserted a link in our rich text editor you forgot to include the http:// and we error check to make sure there is a proper link to comply with XHTML. So to avoid this just make sure you address links with their full address, http:// or https:// or ftp:// or mailto:// etc.
Mark - WriteToMyBlog


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