The idiocy of M&S Insurance Services [Low Marks & Stupid]

If there is one thing that irks me it is the smokescreen used by companies under the heading of the "Data Protection Act".

I rang M&S (along with many other companies) to get a travel insurance quote for my elderly mother-in-law who has a pre-existing medical condition. After taking some details they declare that because of the Data Protection Act, they can only discuss "medical conditions" with her.

What rubbish - I was the person providing them with the medical details, so there was no issue re disclosure on their part. Moreover, I have had no issue with the other 10 companies I have called for a quote (you have to ring through if it is a pre-existing medical condition).

So I ask them to humour me and continue running through the quote so that if it is price competitive she can "speak to them in person". Guess what - absolutely not Sir as I could lose my job. Perhaps I was dealing with an idiot, so I called again and spoke to a different person. Same response.

So, there you go, institutionalised idiocy. I was calling for a quotation, but evidently M&S don't factor in helping little old ladies!

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