"Hot" Spice

Tickets for the Spice Girls' comeback concert in London sold out in just 38 seconds, the show's organisers announced on Monday.

Demand was so overwhelming -- more than one million people in Britain registered for the sole London show -- that organisers added three more London dates to the tour.

It's a shame Promoters are unable/unwilling to satisfy this sort of demand - did they simply under-estimate likely demand; were they unwilling to take the necessary financial bet on the demand; is the hype of being so over-subscribed more valuable?

Perhaps the demand could be uncovered first and then the supply arranged - that's what we're hoping one of our recent investments will help with. It will launch soon and when it does you'll be one of the first to know all the juicy details.

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At 10:25 AM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

Fabulous! 1 million people in the UK dumb enough to spend their hard earned money to listen to 5 women who were never very good at singing, never very good at dancing and are now frankly not even worth looking at. Proves the old Barnum and Bailey belief that there is a sucker born every minute!


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