Mashup demo companies

Serena kicked off proceeding with a canned 1min video and I'm not sure what they do!

Mobestar, from Bristol, focusses on mobile social networking. Providing an environment that can bolt onto existing web communities, on top of the usual tools they offer p2p anonymous calling between members. All without the need to install software on the phone.

15secondTV places you in a video! They superimpose your face on a person in a film clip - can't believe there's no copyright infringement issues here.

BabelTV is launching a PVR that also connects to the internet and a host of other devices. Its "an appliance" not a computer apparently with files stored on a central server that are uploaded in the background. Their devices are £295 but acknowledge they need a) to hit £200 mark and b) get big distribution partners.

Welovelocal focusses on local searches that use friend recommendations to priorities/filter results. Nothing new here, move along please.

Rummble provides customised search to mobile phones that is location aware with an embedded trust network.

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