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Meecard allows you to leave personalised calling cards around the web that exposes your online residences to anyone interested.

Rollsense provides relevant links to related content to the readers of your blog based on a) your blogroll b) recommendations from rollsense based on traffic flows. Ad funded, they offer revenue share to the blog owner. aggregates blogs and provides content themed channels. Amongst its features one stood out which was the ability to reply within the rss reader without having to navigate to the blog page.

Kwiqq provides a social network platform to third parties on a white label basis. Example clients include First Choice holiday's brands 20wenties. It provides a "MySpace" like experience/facility for a brand looking to hang onto their customers.

Tipped is a local search directory that relies on trust network recommendations. Optimised for the mobile, its only 3 weeks old. Users can post comments, ratings and reviews on listings, as well as friending others.

Edocr won my award for "most confusing" presentation. As far as I can tell, Edocr offers document collaboration on web pages using flash. But who knows! claims you can watch tv for free on the internet. Like Tioti, they scour the internet for material but differ in that they allow you to watch it within their site on their own flash player. Programmes are supplemented with info about programmes inc reviews, bios. Users can create profiles and maintain details and links to favourite programmes. The site also has 720 live streams fed through the site. This was the most visually impressive demo, albeit I wonder how much legal content is actually out there you can watch.

Blognation Japan launches today, with Russia and Spain next week.

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At 12:05 AM, Blogger Manoj said...

John, please accept my apologies if the presentation was confusing to you. As I said, is based on a simple concept of providing an environment for business documents to be interacted. The flash paper/document is part of the process. Happy to clarify any queries you might have. I will be at FOWA tomorrow. Perhaps worth meeting. Failing this, I am happy to give you a call.

At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


It is time you changed your blog layout. This version is so retro 70's. Might appear as cosmetic feedback but not. Your blog is just plain hard to read.
Have a look at mobhappy for a good axample of a great blog makeover.


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