Donations to Radiohead's latest project invited

Techdirt has some intriguing news here about Radiohead inviting fans to name their price for the new album - you pay what you think it's worth.

With a marginal cost of zero, anything "donated" is a positive contribution. But the smart move is in offering an "upsell", to a whole boxed set of additional goodies.

This trickle is starting to swell - The Charlatans are planning to let the public download their latest album too for free according to this report.

In disintermediating the record companies, I've had it suggested to me that bands may struggle to get the same radio airtime that the pluggers employed by labels work to get for artists. Yet a well known act is probably going to get airtime regardless, provided the music is good - ultimately, radio programme controllers are judged by audience figures and not who they kept sweet at a label.


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