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I've been assisting one of our ventures chatting to prospective partners and almost everyone asks "have you got a facebook application?". As it stands we haven't and that was a prioritisation decision. But when you press people about what their experience has been in launching a facbook application and the extent to which they think all applications can live inside facebook, then the supporting evidence of why it's a mandatory element then their cohesive argument simply fails to materialise, other than examples of iLike, Rockyou and a few others.

I remain of the view that Facebook is an excellent platform, but that a) not every offering is suited to it and b) just because everyone else is doing it, isn't a reason to divert resource - each business has to consider it on its' own benefits case, not to mention consider whether the user perception of "you" inside facebook will be enhanced or diminshed.

However, Widgetbox appear to have made the task somewhat easier if their claims are true, in their service which claims to make any widget into a facebook application. You still need to be approved by Facebook etc but from other posts I've read, it does appear that it can be relatively easy to employ. Worth a look.


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At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Paul Lomax said...

That looks pretty neat - goes a bit further than ClearSpring at first look.


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