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Whenever people rave to me about Slingbox, the hardware device that allows you to placeshift your home media (recorded media) and TV, I offer a knowing smile and point them in the direction of Orb which does pretty much the same thing via software and for free. Orb allows you to access your files, view photos, play your music and control your TV.

So I was interested to also be directed to Streampad which is an internet browser music player. It combines remote access to your entire digital music library (via Streampad desktop app which is in private beta) with some tools to find music on the web, including an archive of live concert performances, albeit not very many. It also has web search which provides easy access to MP3s spidered from blogs.

The site integrates with and also has a neat google map mashup to plot what other people are listening to around the world. Added elements include "Now Playing" info which pulls in album reviews, Flickr photos and related blog posts and also shows you who else is listening to the same track.


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At 12:13 AM, Blogger Granni said...

To find out how to install it to Blogger visit and click on the Customize your Blog tab :)
Streampad is indeed a simple and pretty addition to your blog. You can customize the color and such to match your blog as well! I had trouble adding songs tho but i've figured it out!


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