India triumph at Twenty20 World Cup

I was fortunate enough to see the thrilling end of the Twenty20 final today whilst waiting for someone to show up. India set a doable total for Pakistan to chase but Pakistan made hard work of it and looked to have left it too late, especially when losing 2 quick wickets in the final 17 balls.

However, the game suddenly swung Pakistan's way when they hit a huge six, leaving them requiring six off four balls. It was their's for the taking. So what on earth possessed their batsman to move across the wicket and attempt to lob the wicket keeper only to leave an easy catch for long leg, only he knows.

So India won the final in thrilling style. And what an important win for Cricket.

After India and Pakistan exited the One Day World Cup in the qualifying rounds, viewing figures and related ad revenues plummeted. India is the world's biggest cricket market enjoyed by over 1 billion people, with a further 350 million across S E Asia. India v Pakistan games attract 400m viewers in India, transfixing the nation on a sport that generates $300m of ad revenues for the cricket authorities in India.

Twenty20 is a fast paced game with lots of excitement in an ideal TV format and which pulls in big live audiences. Unfortunately, things are going to get messy in India as two competing leagues battle out for supremacy. Worse, as one of those is the official Board of Control for Cricket, it means the players that join the rival commercial league look set to be banned from the game.

I hope they resolve this amicably and the finest teams can be assembled to compete in a domestic Indian league.

Meantime, JP will be one happy chappy tonight!


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