Fiql - Your playlist in video

Fiql is a service that allows you to import your playlists from itunes, winamp, musicmatch, windows music player and rhapsody, then attempts to locate the accompanying music, lyrics and videos for the included tracks. You can do so many things on this site, including listen/watch the playlist of others. The site also provides blog facilities for users and "friending" options.

This a great service on so many levels.
- The site is very slick and the playlist/player is stylish
- Copyright issues appear to have been sidestepped since Fiql is finding content made available by others and playing that, in similar manner to Seeqpod
- Aside from friends, you can create/join groups of like minded folks
- Playlists can also be created on the fly as you peruse the choices of others
- You can comment on the music you hear throughout the site

Not sure what happens if the tunes in your playlist aren't available (other than they dont play!), but overall a really good site which I think I will be testing out in more depth.

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