Virgin Digital retreats from music downloads

According to Beta News

Virgin is calling it quits in the digital music business. The company has stopped selling tracks and accepting new customers as of Friday, and will shut down for good on October 19. New sales of music will end September 29, according to a message on the UK portion of the site. Those customers who have a payment due before the shut off date will lose access the day their next payment is due, according to the note.

Wow - this is one market you would have expected Virgin to do well in, given its' brand and usual demographic appeal.

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At 9:04 AM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

Now that is really interesting. Branson dumps his original business and weeks later they dump what appears to me to be their only lifeline to survival. I personally like to buy albums and even more idiosyncratically I prefer vinyl to CD because of the sound quality benefits of vinyl over CD/digital. However younger people than me seem to like buying only the tracks they really like.

Now even I prefer to buy my music online. I usally can 'try' a sample online to check if I really want it and it is cheaper supplied from an online seller than a highstreet store. When you buy single tracks the argument is even simpler. By far the cheapest way to do this is via download.

Is this a case therefore of turkeys voting for Christmas? I believe so. RIP Virgin and HMV.


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