DemoFall 07 line up

Blognation has details of the companies presenting at the upcoming DemoFall show here. Not all the web sites are operational and clearly intend to launch at the event. Of those that are live, not many sparked my interest.

Of those that did
- Tubes is a services that allows you to synch your media files to multiple computers e.g. put your music files on all your computers. It also allows you to distribute such files to multiple computers and one of the suggested uses from Tubes is for bands to distribute podcasts, demos or tracks to fans with some in-built control features claimed. Clearly the company accepts no responsibility for people who choose to use the facilities to illegally distribute material

- Prolify claims that without introducing any new tools and simply by using email systems, it enables automated process management that makes assigning, coordinating and tracking planned and unplanned activities an efficient and headache-free endeavor. With visual mapping and the encapsulation of all related documentation, Prolify reveals the actual workflow in a fully contextual and structured way – something not available in email and IM. Sadly it isn't possible to see a demo of the service on the site, but it sounds interesting.

- Feedhub claims to be a service that creates individualized RSS feeds that automagically select the most relevant posts from a set of feed sources that you choose.By using your preferences and dynamically adapting to your reading habits, FeedHub gives you the content you care about in individualized feeds so you can stay informed without being overwhelmed!

- Live-documents caught my eye simply because of its landing page which claims it is "What Microsoft Live will look like when it grows up".

- Cornerworld has a visual impressive landing page which captured my interest, with similarities to Finetune. It appears to offer a mechanism for amateurs and professional alike to share media (music, videos, photos) as well as livecast. Sadly, clicking on the videos takes you off onto separate pages in which to view videos.

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At 8:21 AM, Blogger Sumanth said...

RE: Live is actually "What Microsoft OFFICE Live Will Look Like When It Grows Up"! And yes, it is a "claim" at this point of time but one that we hope people will find justified later this week...


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