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I went to a Wedding at the weekend, and as has become custom, I trot round taking a large volume of pictures of the event and their guests, which I then give to the couple to supplement their official photos. Allowing for some polishing up time (cropping, light enhancing etc), they usually get to see their photos in 24hrs or so, via an online photo gallery service. It also means that other guests can have a look and if they wish, add their own photos to the collection.

The online service I use tends to vary based upon a few factors
- who has the easiest upload mechanism
- who provides unrestricted uploads
- best photo browsing features and download capabilities

Hence, over time I've used several services including Photobucket and this time I used Zooomr. I only use free services as I don't use them enough to warrant a premium service eg I may post 6 batches of photos a year, but when I do post I load several hundred pics. This is where Flickr proves to be of no use to me, despite its many excellent features, since it has a small monthly upload limit on the free accounts.

But, I am always on the lookout for better photo services and I was delighted with this one from Animoto - not because it was a photo hosting service but because of the excellent output in the form of a professional looking "music video", which took less than 5 minutes to create. See below.

It's free to use for short clips, and an option to pay for longer "movies exists". Brilliant way to pep up photos.

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