Why Kathy Sierra is my favourite blogger

Creating Passionate Users is the blog I will always read first when opening up my rss reader if its showing a new post. Its focus is primarily marketing related but that's not why I'm a huge fan.

It's usually the case that you get a great post from a blogger every couple of posts, and more often its less than that [I know I'm definitely no exception]. Clearly, not every post will be of interest to you so it stands to reason that you won't rate/take note of some. With Kathy Sierra, I don't think I've ever read a post of hers that I didn't think "Wow".

It's not that her insightful comments necessarily reveal earth shattering discoveries. Its just that they are conveyed in a manner that make them seem like "a Eureka moment" and she has an evident passion for her subject. Moreover, as her blog title says, she regularly comes back to the point that everything stems from "creating passionate users". Get that right and everything else falls into place - customers, revenues (assuming you're charging!), repeat business & brand loyalty, growth, viral & word of mouth explosions! I heartily recommend you give her blog a try.

Example of Kathy's view from Kathy's latest post

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