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I've just registered to sign up for the beta of iscrybe, so this comment is not based on hands on experience, but based on the video that introduces it on its home page, I was just blown away.

Providing an synchronised online/offline experience to handle what initially appears to be an electronic "filofax" function, it covers calendaring; tasks; note taking and much more.  Sounds dull and covered by many other online apps - certainly lots of SAAS apps are in this space, my favourite being Airset.  However, this looks to go way beyond anything I've seen.

The UI looks spectacular and the thought given to contextual viewing of data and navigation is simply amazing. Lots of thought has evidently gone into its design and functionality - they even factored in a neat way of printing the data in hard copy form to slip into your wallet!

Its devt has been done in flash, which seems to be growing in popularity amongst web developers that focus on SAAS services.


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At 8:41 AM, Anonymous Jonas said...

Have you wondered why you didn't get invited for the iScrybe beta and why the beta is missing some features? Here's the reason why!


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