Microsoft patch knobbles Zone Alarm

Having just got broadband back after a 10 day gap I was infuriated to find my internet connection seemed to have died after a mere 12 hours. Every page I attempted to load in Firefox 3 on my laptop was simply timing out.

Restarting Firefox - no impact
Restarting the laptop - no impact
Restarting the router - no impact

Just in case, I checked the family desktop and it was still able to access the internet - hmmm. So the problem was localised to the laptop but I hadn't changed any settings or installed any software.

So for no good reason, I decided to close Zone Alarm on the laptop and whoosh - the internet connection was restored. Bizarre. I hadn't touched Zone Alarm and the last Zone Alarm update pre-dated when I had last access the internet.

A quick search online soon identified the culprit - a Microsoft security update which had automatically applied itself on my laptop. Details here.

Zone Alarm have issued a quick update patch which you can access here.

How to waste an hour for no benefit!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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