Does LinkedIn data belong to me or my employer?

JP evidently saw the same article I'd seen in the Daily Telegraph yesterday concerning how the recruitment agency Hays had gone to court to force an ex-employee to hand over details of his LinkedIn contacts. Apparently, the employee had been encouraged to use LinkedIn in his dealings with candidates / employers, but obviously when he left Hays these contacts remained on his LinkedIn profile and he had been able to get in touch with them on behalf of his new employer.

When I read this a number of issues sprang to mind in no particular order
Personally, I think Hays comes out of this looking petty and out of touch. Moreover, it suggests to me that their own internal systems may be weak if they need to also rely on the LinkedIn records of their recruiters - hardly inspires confidence that they will identify you as a suitable candidate for a role down the line.

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At 11:02 AM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

My first thought was that this was a clear case of the 'law being an ass'. But on re-reading the important point I noted was: "Mr Justice Richards last week ordered Mr Ions to disclose his LinkedIn business contacts requested by Hays and all emails sent to or received by his LinkedIn account from Hays' computer network."

If this disclosure is limited to emails sent to and from contacts via Hays computer network then I have some sympathy with Hays and may even agree with the judgement. It would seem that the issue revolves around a 3 week period before he left Hays during which time he was soliciting clients for his own agency that he was starting up. If he was doing this via the Hays computer network I am fairly sure they have good grounds for the claims they are making. No employer gives you thr right to carry out work for another employer whilst you are supposed to be working for them, especially if the second employer happens to be you starting up a competitive operation.


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