Hey Ofcom, here's a barrier to moving phone companies

Phone pole with phone and mainly electric linesImage via WikipediaI recently decided to switch phone companies and mentioned the hassle I had with the BT phone line order in a recent post. Boy, was that the easy part. Now I discover [my own fault for inadequate detailed investigation] that we shall be without broadband at home for probably 3 weeks as a consequence!!!!!!!

Why? Well, until 5 days after your BT phone line is installed you can't place an order with broadband providers. Thereafter they claim to need about 15 calendar days to connect you, despite not needing them to send you any equipment. Whilst BT themselves can achieve it slightly quickly, they are about twice the price of other suppliers to receive an equivalent service.

How on earth can it be the case that it takes 20 days to activate broadband? Moreover, why should it be the process can only begin when the phone line is activated.

To most reasonable people who have broadband, this surely counts as a barrier to switching companies - had I know, would I have switched? Definitely not. In which instance, is this not a matter that Ofcom should be considering when considering aiding a competitive market?
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At 9:08 AM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

Sadly I thin you will find it is longer than 3 weeks because you are confusing their days with calendar days when what they mean is business days. So on the figures in your post it will be about 20 working days which is pretty nearly a month. Sorry to be the herbinger of bad news.


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