Life (10 days) without broadband

Well the good news was that it only took 10 calendar days for our domestic broadband service to be activated after moving the line back to BT. But it's astonishing how reliant we as a family have become on having broadband and how much it was missed.

Whilst I had the benefit of a blackberry, which meant no interruption to my email, internet browsing wasn't really feasible on many sites from a mobile device - screen size and overly complex layout/add-ons made it too onerous.

Consequently my usual home routine of catching up on RSS feeds via using Google Reader and checking news/sports sites such as,, bbc news both before and after work was thrown into chaos. Likewise, my preference for using online services had to go out of the window - couldn't access them. This applied to internet banking also, which I learnt I use more than I realised and missed not having the facility.

Funny to think how only 7+ years ago, broadband was a luxury item - not any more. This was brought home to me when I went round to a neighbour's, a few houses away, to use their broadband connection. When I switched on my laptop, I was presented with 15 secure wireless networks which were evidently operating in the vicinity. That's mainstream.

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