Scrybe - great video but what about a launch

Scrybe launched its' beta in November 2006 with great fanfare via a youtube video that simply wowed viewed with the promised sophistication of the app. I was amongst those excited by what was promised and blogged about it here and here.

Ok. It's now Feb 2008. You might think they would have opened the site up by now. But no, I'd still heard nothing after signing up for their beta.

Concerned that they'd simply opened up and not told me or I'd missed it I checked the site. As it was all those months ago. Even their last blog entry was Nov 2007 2007 saying

We are working on our biggest update to Scrybe. The beta feedback is now tapering off and I think we have most of the valuable insights we need. Some of the changes were smaller and were rolled out into earlier updates. Some of the changes require a larger effort. Right now we are focusing on the hard to do things.

Sorry. Feedback tailing off? Bored senseless beta users perhaps. Biggest update? Impossible update perhaps given that it's now Feb and 4 months have elapsed. Chaps, don't you think releasing something would be a great idea. As I suggested here, you had the early advocates in the palm of your hand with that video - why did you waste it?

If I am missing something please let me know.


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At 7:28 PM, Anonymous Dino said...

I can invite you if you need an account. They have allowed new account creation through an invitation process for a while now.

At 11:06 PM, Blogger John Wilson said...

Dino, I'd greatly appreciate an invite if you can oblige.


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