C-charge net catches more than chelsea tractors

Having read about the increase in the London congestion charge yesterday, I had assumed it was targeted at large 4x4 and luxury high end cars.

So I was shocked to see some of the cars ensnared by the change - VW Golf3.2, Honda Accord, VW Passat 3.2, Ford S-Max 2.3 and Vauxhall Zafira 2.0.

Leaving aside the necessity of some people needing a people carrier to ferry around large families (a better alternate than using 2 cars), these examples hardly qualify as the "Chelsea tractors" the Mayor claims to be targetting.

I'm curious how people will learn into which category their car will fall, as it's clearly not obvious in many cases. When they do learn their family hatchback/estate is ensnared, I bet a few people will be emitting a lot of verbal pollution.

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