Zoho is getting wider acclaim

The MIT Technology Review has a feature piece discussing whether Zoho can beat Google in the online applications race. They've even been kind enough to quote me in it.

Perhaps a more relevant debate is who will buy Zoho. They must surely rank as a target for a number of companies.

Whilst Zoho makes most of its products available for free, it claims to have 250,000 people using its' paid for software.

For me, the most noticeable point in the MIT article though was this quote from Zoho

"In India there are eight million new computer users per month, and a similar number of new Internet users," he says, "and they've never heard of Microsoft Office."

Even for those that have heard of it, I wonder whether the price tag of Free will push them in Zoho's direction.


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At 4:32 PM, Blogger Nainish said...

I wrote this in the MIT article - no response there or from the company:

I'd like to understand why this distinguished publication has printed a well-written and detailed piece on Zoho - when there are many other CRM systems with no explanation as to why Zoho MAY BE better than them.

I started using Zoho on the back of this recommendation. I find most online CRM systems are similar, differing only at the edges. With Zoho there is a significant element of 'unfinishined' business in the application(s).

Furthermore there is no doubt the online [only] support is overworked as there are many queries on the support boards that remain unresolved.

Overall I think this is a great application, at a great price and will continue to use it, but I will continue to test other systems.


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