Zoho Meeting - it just keeps getting better

I've raved several times about Zoho and their incredible capacity to churn out great online applications. The quality of product and service is excellent. Whilst not as functionality rich as desktop apps such as Microsoft Office, they generally provide 80% or so of the functionality, which is the stuff people actually use.

Their latest offering is a web meeting capability they are calling Zoho Meeting. The video below provides an intro.

They've kindly included me in the private beta which activates tomorrow, so I should be able to report back soon. As someone that has used Vyew for running web meetings for about 6 months, it'll be interesting to see how they compare as I've a good opinion of Vyew. However, based on the programme, it does look like Zoho should have the edge though because they are offering free recording and downloading of the web meeting, as well as the ability to embed the meeting "player" anywhere. Moreover, attendees will be able to choose from an Active X, or Java or Flash player.

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