The thresher wine coupon virus is BACK!

They say that a virus is rarely eradicated but that it simply goes dormant until it's almost forgotten and then strikes!

Well, maybe the Directors at Threshers some several months on and after having finally gotten the management accounts for December produced and circulated (sorry, small accountancy jibe which operates like a dog whistle for the Dennis Howlett's of the world) have realised what a fantastic success the unplanned Christmas voucher was.

I say this because it's back and for a limited time only. You can download the voucher here

As Hugh says

The Stormhoek-Thresher Coupon 2.0.

40% Off any wine in any Thresher store for the next week [N.B. Thresher's is the the largest specialist wine retailer in the UK].

We did Version 1.0 last Christmas, and generated £15 million of sales for Thresher, one of our big clients. Not to mention, it made the national news. So now that Easter has come along...

Unlike last time time, however we put a little Stormhoek branding on the top. That's the shameless advertising hack in me etc.

Interestingly, Stormhoek have again made no demands on the beneficiaries to supply their details to Stormhoek to get the offer, albeit they might get the details from Threshers in due course. What a contrast to most web offers that demand huge amounts of data first even to try a service. This is clearly an evil "Hugh" plan that conceals immense cunning!

I do wonder if it will be as successful though. Reason being that this time it's going to be less newsworthy primarily because it'll be fairly evident this one is company endorsed. Moreover, some people will have figured out that the vouchers generally brought Threshers into line with the Supermarkets rather than being at a huge discount. You may also spot that it's on wine this time, whereas last time it also include champagne!

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woof, woof


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