Hurrah - Google Reader is working again

I mentioned that my Google Reader seemed broken on firefox, albeit the conditions were very specific.

Well two good pieces of news

1. My Google Reader is working again.

I found the "guilty party" - it seemed to be an add-in called Webcards.

My method was to disable all Firefox add-ins and then restart Firefox. Google Reader started working again. I then enabled the add-ins back one-by-one with restarts of Firefox each time. I left had left Webcards till last for some sub-conscious reason.

Google Reader worked fine right up until Webcards was enabled, then stopped. I disabled Webcards, restarted and Google Reader resumed working.

This would also explain why only a few people had experienced the issue with Google Reader including Sam Sethi, who I know has used the Webcards add-in in the recent past and may still be.

Meantime, if Andy Mitchell of Webcards is reading, perhaps you could have a look too.

2. Google Reader support is excellent

After posting about my problem on this blog, a Google Reader engineer got in touch via the comments within a few hours and exchanged suggestions about investigating the issue.
AND ON A SATURDAY. That is impressive.

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At 8:49 AM, Blogger Sam Sethi said...

Thanks for finding the problem ;-)

At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Andy Mitchell said...

Feel free to hurl abuse next time I'm in London for a beer. Which I suspect I'll be paying for!
Good find though, will fire up the production line and get it fixed by the end of the week.


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