Do you dare work with friends?

Web Worker highlights that Justin Kownacki recently asked whether is it a good idea to get your friends involved in your business? He came up with a whole list of potential pitfalls:

Friends may not do what you need them to do.
Friends may not know what they CAN do, so they overinflate their value.
Friends may take liberties that strangers wouldn’t.
Friends may not work as hard as strangers.
Friends may not listen.

Trouble is, who else do you go into business with? Or am I simply using to wide a definition of friends?

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At 8:51 AM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

If you go into business withsomeone who isn't close enough to be called a friend then that would be like getting married to someone you didn't know. There are cultures where the arranged marriage is the norm, but not here and having gone into a stockbroking business with some friends once I found in the end that it was not my friends who were the problem, but some of the other friends they brought in, who were not my friends. The bottom line is you have to be able to trust those you are in business with and that makes the relationship exactly like a marriage. Guess what, if you can't trust them, it will be exactly like a failed marriage, you will find your partners in bed with someone else.


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