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I am still looking for the catch with this service that I found today called txtdrop which apparently lets you send free text messages domestically and internationally.

The main apparent challenge with the service is being able to name the network you are sending the text message to - I have no idea which service my colleagues/friends are using. Nor does the site explain what the consequence is of choosing the wrong network. Will it fail to be delivered - will I have to ring up to find out if they received the message?

The other challenge is that you have to type in the mobile number of the person you are texting - of course, you may say, that's obvious. Hmmm, but I bet you don't do that on your mobile because they are all saved under the person's name. Funnily enough I had lunch with Paul Lomax today and we talked about this very point i.e. we actually don't know the numbers of most people we speak to as they are saved on our phone.

Having looked at the company operating it, who offer a commercial bulk SMS service, it may be the case that they anticipate the volumes will be trivial in amongst the deals they have with carriers around the globe. Funny, Threshers thought the same about their vouchers. Maybe you should text your friends via this service and let them know!

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