The odds are against Microsoft or Google buying you

Don Dodge who is a Microsoft employee in a recent post, commented that:

"Microsoft acquired 14 companies in 2005 and another 19 companies in 2006. At Microsoft we try to find the best startups early in the game and acquire them for reasonable prices. The average acquisition price was around $30M. There were some that were significantly more than that, but on average we try to stay in our sweet spot."

If you suggest that Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Ebay or Amazon are going to be your exit route when talking to a VC, you are very likely to get a weary sigh as your credibility gets its' coat. It is very rare for this to occur and rarer that an obscene price is paid. Consequently, I'd advise you to try to think up something more original.

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At 10:04 AM, Blogger Hawkeye said...

I usually tell them that the man from is considering giving me loads of money for a very small share of my company. Is that original enough?


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