A great idea for wine buyers

Alistair, my chum over at Stormhoek wines (they of Thresher's coupon virus fame), and I have chatted several times about the issue of wine brands and the challenge for consumers of remembering the wines they've tried/liked. With so many brands and varieties, it's hard to stand out on the shelf but worst of all is that having been purchased/consumed people rarely remember which specific wine they drank last night, never mind last week, something not attributable solely to being drunk!

After all, if you're like me, you try/drink wines in many settings and yet few people rarely take the trouble to make a note of what they just drank to say if they liked it or not. So they all just blend in (pardon the pun). Try it - can you remember the last say 5 different bottles of wine were you tried and what you thought of them.

This is clearly bad news for wine producers - you liked my product but can't remember what it was called and so don't buy it again. Arrrrrggghhhh

One idea, is this one. However, I don't necessarily want to make a purchase straight away. So ideally I quite fancy submitting the name/vintage/grape or better yet a unique identifier along with my rating to an online service via sms or email that I could later refer to. Does this exist or have I come up with a brilliant new service idea........you could hook this up into a "wisdom of crowd" system which recommended other wines based on the preferences of other people who liked the same wines/types. If it doesn't exist, it would be easy to do.

Similarly, perhaps wine bottles could have a little tear-off slip that you could slip in your wallet to remind you. This is less easy to orchestrate but a) would access a much wider market than we "onliners" and b) could be easily be implemented but individual wine producers!

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