Give me a browser to run multiple web apps simultaneously

I have much sympathy with Charlie O'Donnell when he expresses some frustration when trying to run multiple web apps simultaneously in his browser only to find his machine crawling to a halt because of the huge memory consumption/leakage that results.

Despite being a devotee of web apps, one has to acknowledge the reality that the "thin client" seems to hog a considerable amount of system resources. My Sony laptop only has 512mb of RAM, which used to feel like a lot - now I often seem to spend time waiting for the machine to catch up, staring at a thrashing hard disk light on the machine as it does something or other.

Is it poor web app design or browser failings?

I've drifted onto Firefox 2.0 not through any particular religious belief but simply because when you have many tabs open and the browser invariably crashes, it's helpful to have it restore to where you were.

Whatever it is, if you are building a web app it's not unreasonable to ask that you tune your app to consume the least amount of resources - it's fairly likely your app won't be running in isolation. Likewise, could all the brainpower thrown at Firefox possibly make it suitable for "an uninstalled life". Probably not much point asking Microsoft to do this with IE as it will cripple their Office revenues!


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